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Business Training Offerings 

We offer webinars and in-person seminars to help entrepreneurs and small business owners gain the knowledge they need to lead a successful and PROFITABLE business! 
We work to provide the resources and education entrepreneurs need to know about. 

1-on-1 Business Consulting is Available Book a Session 

Interested in booking us to present one of the topics listed below? 
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Marketing on a Budget 

You do not need a huge marketing budget when getting started, this session will discuss the low to no cost marketing options available for small businesses! 

The Business of Childcare 

Many times, childcare providers get so comfortable with word of mouth and traditional operational practices, that they sometimes forget it's still a business! This session will discuss marketing daycare centers, building capacity and easy to use technology available for small business owners. 

Nontraditional Funding Options

Let's discuss the funding options that are available to start and grow your business idea. This session will provide helpful insight and resources to funding outside of traditional banks. 

Tech Must haves for Start-ups

This session will provide information on the trendiest tech for business! Must have apps and tech you need to make your day to day just a TAD bit easier! 

Websites & ADA Compliance  

ADA Compliance is a growing issue when it comes to accommodating all who may visit your website. This session is brought to you in partnership with AssessiBe. 

Entrepreneurship in the Metaverse

The Metaverse is coming! With Virtual Reality headsets easily accessible, this session will introduce entrepreneurial opportunities available in VR. 

First Generation Entrepreneurship

Being an entrepreneur is not easy, and when you are the first in your family it's even harder! This session will discuss the struggles of first generstion entrepreneurs and the resources, tools and strategies to help ease the 

Resources available for entrepreneurs

There are so many free resources available for entrepreneurs. This session discusses the organizations and agencies who exist to assist small business owners. 

How to Start a Business... MINDSET first! 

There are steps to starting a business. The first, GET YOUR MIND RIGHT! Starting a business takes mental preparation. You must have an entrepreneurial mindset to achieve success as a small business owner. 

Mobile App Options for Small Businesses - NO CODING! 

This workshop disccuses options for small business owners to have their own app with NO CODING needed! Feel empo


We offer SOAR a program that aims to help first generation entrepreneurs in rural communities navigate the business start-up process.

Supporting Opportunities for Rural first generation entrepreneurs.jpg
Tierra Norwood SOAR program.jpg

Spring 2023 S.O.A.R. class
hosted by the Small Business Center at Edgecombe Community College

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