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Business Training & Development Opportunities

Invest in your brand and your future.

We offer webinars and in-person seminars to help entrepreneurs and small business owners gain the knowledge you need to lead a successful and PROFITABLE business.

We work hard to provide the resources and education entrepreneurs need to succeed.

Some of our offers include:

Your business is like a flower; it will only grow as much as you water and nurture it.

We assist you by offering these courses:

  • The Business of Childcare: This session discusses marketing daycare centers, building capacity, and easy-to-use technology available for small biz owners.

  • Marketing on a Budget: You don't need a large budget to effective market your business. This session teaches the low-to-no-cost marketing strategies you need.

  • How to Start a Business (Mindset First): This sessions help you understand the importance of your mindset when launching a business. It guides you through the mental preparation needed to succeed in the entrepreneurial world.

We know that no two businesses are the same, and your needs are unique. So, Ajon's Professional Solutions offers One-to-One Consultations for individuals like YOU who need more focused strategies for your business.

Is your Organization interested in hosting a training? 

Ajon's Professional Solutions offers 8- week curriculum (SOAR) specific to Rural First Generation Entrepreneurs but open to all entrepreneurs interested in starting a business. 

We also offer additional workshops to help entrepreneurs start and grow! Workshop Descriptions can be found here. 

To Book Tierra Norwood to teach a business training 

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