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Boost your business with NFC chips!


A Near-Field Communication chip (NFC chip or NFC chipset) is a silicon component or Integrated Circuit (IC) that can be used in different ways, depending on the targeted application.


When connected to an appropriate antenna, an NFC chip enables short-range, wireless communication between two devices. This provides an additional layer of security, as only devices within close proximity of each other can communicate via NFC.


Business Benefits Of Using NFC


Instant Connection

NFC devices connect instantly for data exchange when brought close together. The small range of NFC chips makes this technology useful for payments, identification, access control, ticketing, or any other application requiring near-field data exchange.


Wireless Exchange

All modern smartphones have NFC modules that connect wirelessly and without an external power source. NFC chips are passive devices that are powered by a device that reads them at the moment (this happens through magnetic induction).


Secure, Standardized, And Regulated Technology

NFC data exchange occurs only between devices in close proximity. Nearby connection limited to one device protects the transaction from remote jacking by a hacker.  

NFC connections are regulated by standard protocols like ISO/IEC 14443 A, ISO/IEC 14443 B, and JIS X6319-4. ECMA International, ETSI, and other authorities make sure that NFC is universally secure and accessible across device vendors. 


No Need For Network Connectivity 

NFC tags can work without WiFi, 4G, 5G, or LTE connectivity. This means users can pay, transfer data, access areas, and use NFC-enabled services even while they’re disconnected from the internet. 


For example, retail outlets and small businesses use NFC-enabled POS systems to process payments. Hotels use NFC keycards that work even in locations with a weak WiFi signal. Customers can use all the services without worrying about mobile data charges or signal unavailability. 


Convenient And Affordable Technology 

NFC tags are an easy and affordable technology that can help in digital transformation — contactless payments, access control, and identification can significantly improve customer and employee experience in their daily activities.

For example, you can use NFC to enable contactless access to your gym, health center, or office. Users can download your custom mobile app to pay for their membership and then use the smartphone to access the facility. In the post-COVID world, NFCs with digital tokens help any customer-facing business remain contactless. 


Reduced Carbon Footprint

NFC is an eco-friendly solution that can minimize the carbon footprint of any business. Recyclable NFC tags made using paper reduce the use of plastic for access cards.


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NFC Chips

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